Physical Education

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Ultimate frisbee is an intramural activity at Randolph-Macon Academy, a private boarding school located in Front Royal, Virginia.

The physical education program at Randolph-Macon Academy provides an opportunity for students to develop efficient and effective motor skills and to embark on a continuing program of physical fitness. By engaging in team sports, students develop confidence and emotional control, and learn the rules of good sportsmanship. Physical education credits are awarded for participation in interscholastic sports and personal fitness class.  One-half credit is awarded to athletes who participate, complete and fulfull the requirements of a team sport for one season or complete and pass one semester of a PE class.  Most of the physical education activities are conducted after classroom instruction.

Personal Fitness

This is a strength-building class consisting of circuit training with progressive guidance in technique safety and personal goal achievement.  This class is designed for athletes but can be taylored to assist those begining a work out program. Personal Fitness is conducted during the school day.

Competitive Sports

Sports typically offered are Boys’ and Girl’s Soccer, Football, Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Girls’ Volleyball, Cheerleading, Track and Field, Cross-Country, Boys’ Tennis, Girls’ Tennis, Swimming, Wrestling, Golf, and Baseball.  

Intramural Activities

During after-school intramural activities, those students not engaged with athletic teams participate in an organized series of rotational activities that can include swimming, soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, or other designated and supervised physical activities. A variety of other popular activities students may take part in can include drama, community service, debate, and Green Team.