Summer School Daily Schedule (Upper School)

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Students spend the majority of the day Monday through Friday in classes, but the summer school schedule provides the advantage of completing study hall before dinner, allowing students to truly relax in the evenings. There are on-campus activities to enjoy as well as off-campus trips, such as bowling, movies, and mini-golf.

The summer school schedule is intense, but there are plenty of opportunities to relax and have fun!

The daily schedule for summer school begins with a 6:30 wake-up.

The summer school daily schedule varies somewhat, as we have mentoring sessions twice a week.



The late afternoon allows study time, so that by dinner, homework is usually complete and summer school students can truly relax for the evening, and enjoy the cooler temperatures of the day.

Although there are Saturday classes during summer school (that's what helps complete the class in only four weeks), once classes are over it's time to go have some fun!

After the summer school classes finish on Saturday mornings, students participate in trips to major theme parks. Sunday activities include on-campus athletic activities and off-campus shopping, and a chance to just relax and enjoy the company of new friends.