Middle School Academic Summer Camp Courses

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June 28-July 10, 2020 and/or July 12-24, 2020

A wide variety of enrichment courses await you at R-MA's Summer Academic Camp in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Explore the galaxy, master technology, broaden your reading base...it's a summer you'll never forget!

Summer camp at R-MA allows campers to explore a variety of interests, from flight and robotics to music and math.

Enrichment Courses

2019 Enrichment Theme: Space Exploration & Investigation
This year’s theme for the following sessions stems around young inventor’s minds. Our camp will offer many opportunities for students to explore innovation and imagine the possibilities through history, engineering, designing, and making. 

History: Learn about the most famous men and women that transformed our understanding of space. Investigate current events taking place in today’s space exploration and learn about what is happening now on Mars, Jupiter, and the rest of our solar system. Then travel to nearby Shenandoah National Park to do some awe-inspiring stargazing.

Language Arts:
Your imagination will take off as you delve into a variety of nonfiction and fiction writings about space, then create stories of your own. Experience the excitement and tension of joining a commercial mission to space. Would you leave your family behind? What would you bring? What jobs would exist there? 

You never know what projects the summer camp will bring to life! Check out this 2019 video, created by a group of middle school students who wanted to encourage their peers to read A Wrinkle in Time.

Learn about the basics of flying and the terminology that pilots and astronauts use every day. You will fly drones and discover the different ways that drones are being used today. Check out the on-campus flight simulator and see what R-MA cadets are doing to prepare for their solo flights and private pilot license. 

3...2...1....launch rockets in this science class! Learn about the planning and preparation that allows humans to explore space. Discover how engineers and scientists are creating innovative features that may help people live on Mars. Students can also learn to code and complete missions using LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 software! Solve challenges from the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE competition that took place in the fall of 2018 and use 21st-century skills focused on problem-solving and creative innovation to reach new heights in this class. 
Note: Science/Robotics is typically the most popular offering. Apply early to reserve your space.

You can use our digital keyboarding software to create a variety of music. Are there opportunities to play instruments in space? How does it sound and what are the challenges? Learn about how music plays a role in space. 

*Note: There are four periods each day. The Science Explorer/Robotics course runs for two periods; students taking this session can only choose two additional topics for the summer.


Science, technology, study skills, music--these courses and more are available at R-MA's Summer Enrichment Camp!

Skills Classes

Basic Math 
Focus on basic operations and word problems with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Small class instruction helps you master the fundamentals of middle school-level math.

Study Skills 
Want to improve your grades and test scores? This course can help! Discover the methodology of proper study habits, what works and what does not. You will practice organizational, note-taking, and reading skills. To enhance middle-level learning, proper research and writing skills are also practiced.

Important Notes

  • All courses are for enrichment only. This is an academic enrichment camp, not a summer school program. Students cannot take these courses to make up for courses failed during the normal academic year.
  • There are four periods each day. The Science Explorer runs for two periods; students taking this session may only choose two additional topics for the summer.