Stephen Latham

Stephen Latham is a boarding school German Teacher (Department Chair) at Randolph-Macon Academy.
Upper School German Teacher

Mr. Latham came to Randolph-Macon Academy in 1997 from his native England, having spent several years studying and later working in Germany.  He has a natural interest in the German language and culture that he inherited from his German mother and nurtured during regular family trips to Germany as a child. Mr. Latham studied German at Aston University in England, which included a year at the prestigious Heidelberg University in Germany. Living and working in Düsseldorf, Germany after graduating from university, Mr. Latham has experienced German life as a child, a student, and an adult. He and his wife, Dawn, have passed on their love of the language to their son whom they have raised bilingually.

Mr. Latham teaches all levels of German, including AP classes. By setting the bar for learning high, he aims to get the most out of each individual student. He teaches with the goal of students becoming sufficiently fluent in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to be able to learn in a complete immersion environment by the fourth year of study. 

Mr. Latham uses a variety of materials to make the language come alive for the students. The chapter video material that accompanies the textbook at the beginner levels and provides a stimulating and realistic storyline as it follows the lives of students in Berlin is expanded in the intermediate and advanced classes to include Internet news programs and documentaries as well as full-length German movies. Mr. Latham includes literature selections at all levels, building up to classics by such famous authors as Dürrenmatt, Frisch, Kafka, and Hesse. Students are encouraged to speak German from the very first day of classes and naturally progress to the immersion style. Successful AP students regularly report that they have been placed in third-year college classes and are performing at the top of their class.

  • Combined Honors B.S. in German/Human Psychology, Aston University, England
  • Courses: German I and II, Honors German III, AP German Language and Culture
  • R-MA Mentor, Varsity Boys' Soccer Coach, National German Honor Society Advisor