Chet Inhar

Chet Inhar is the Head Cadet Life Supervisor at Randolph-Macon Academy, a boarding school for grades 6-12.
Upper School Cadet Life Supervisor & Security Officer

With experience in working with international students and supervising teenagers, as well as being a military police officer in the Army Reserves, Chet Inhar had no trouble moving into the position of a Cadet Life Supervisor, later shifting to a more flexible position split between the dorms and security. 

“I was active in student life in college, and part of a fraternity and student government,” he explained. As a supervisor at an aquatics center, he was responsible for lifeguards from Poland, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, among other countries. “I was supporting 40 to 50 young adults, helping them work and making sure they were doing all right,” he said. It is similar to the concept of coming into the dorm at R-MA and working with the 40-50 students on a hall to make sure they are completing their work, living up to their responsibilities, and “doing all right.”

Following a long tradition of military service in his family, Mr. Inhar joined the Army Reserves in 2011, a year after graduating from high school. He graduated from West Liberty University in West Virginia in 2015 with a degree in criminal justice and continues to serve in the Army Reserves, attaining the rank of Specialist (E-4). The cadets of R-MA benefit from his experiences in both college and the Army Reserves.

“My number one goal is to make them successful young men,” he said. “I enjoy having an impact on their lives so they can be successful in life. I want to look back and see a college graduate I taught be an entrepreneur or a leader.” To do that, he believes, it is all about relationship-building in the dorm. “I want to develop family-like relationships not only with the kids, but have the kids feel non-judgmental towards their roommate, like he’s family, a brother,” he explained. “I want them to go to each other for help. If one messes up, they’re all responsible to pick him up. I want them to keep a strong bond, real camaraderie, and build integrity and confidence.”

Students relate well to Mr. Inhar because he is like an older brother who is full of wisdom, but can still get out on the field and play ball—which is good, because he is the coach for the varsity football teams’ defensive line and defensive end. 

In 2017, Mr. Inhar completed his M.B.A. thorugh Liberty University. Now he has time to enjoy playing the acoustic guitar or snowboarding in the winter. He also likes fishing, fixing computers and competitive shooting and he is an avid fan of the Washington Nationals and the Minnesota Vikings.

  • M.B.A Liberty University '17
  • B.S., West Liberty University '15