Jonathan C. Ezell

Jonathan Ezell has been a teacher and academic dean at Randolph-Macon Academy. He is now the Vice President of the college-prep private school.

Jonathan Ezell retired from R-MA on June 30, 2019. The entire R-MA family thanks him for his deep devotion to the Academy, and his tireless dedication to her students.

In January 2018, longtime R-MA employee Jonathan C. Ezell became Vice President of the Academy. To chat briefly with Mr. Ezell is to come away with an impression of a thoroughly amiable, very sincere, and a perhaps bookish man with a penchant toward bow ties and conservative suits. Read his curriculum vitae and what jumps out are activities he lists—like wrestling, basketball, football, and baseball—which he has involved himself in at R-MA, at one time or another.

You could say that Mr. Ezell doesn’t hesitate to mix it up with the students. Rhetorically, he asks, "You can throw yourself into myriad activities to engage our children and what better place is there to do it than at R-MA?" Now, after decades of encouraging the academic pursuits of the student body, he is responsible for ensuring that the Academy remains connected with its younger alumni, especially those who have passed through the classrooms during his time here. 

"I feel being a part of a stimulating learning community is important. I believe it is important for the world, our nation and our community, and ourselves. I feel fortunate to be part of Randolph-Macon Academy. Its mission is to shape the character of tomorrow’s leaders," he says. "In this position, I am able to continue being a part of life at the Academy, but now I also get to travel and re-engage with the students I've had over the years. I get to meet with them and see where life has taken them, how their goals have changed, and what kind of leaders they have become. It's very exciting."

Mr. Ezell is a fun-loving family man (wife Lisa, also an educator, and children Benjamin and Emily) who dabbles in travel, sports and theater. Yet his work ethic is reflected in his attaining one of two advanced degrees while Principal of R-MA Middle School (1997-2000), and the other while teaching Upper School English. He joined the Academy faculty in 1986 and was named "Teacher of the Year" (by faculty vote) in 1990. He became the Upper School Academic Dean in the summer of 2000 and served in that position until 2018.

Mr. Ezell was the Chairman of the Board of the Front Royal/Warren County Chamber of Commerce for two years, 2005-2007. His other civic activities include memberships in Front Royal Rotary Club and past president (1996-1998) and secretary (1994-1996) for Samuels Public Library. His hobbies include fly fishing, golf, chess, hiking, camping, and canoeing, as well as reading— political philosophy, ethics, literature, and philosophy

  • M.A. and M.E., George Mason University
  • B.A., West Virginia University
  • R-MA Mentor