Why R-MA Middle School?

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You have many financial obligations and many choices as to what to do with your expendable income. So you may be asking, "Why should I invest money in private education at the middle school level?" It is a question we believe should be considered carefully. 

The investment made in middle school has long-term pay-offs. The small community at R-MA allows students to excel in many areas and build confidence during a critical age.

Our admission staff would be happy to connect you with a middle school parent to talk about why they think R-MA Middle School is worth the investment.  In the meantime, consider the fact that students who graduate from our middle school tend to perform better in our high school in both academics and in leadership positions. Take a look at the following infographic, which shows where our middle school graduates have matriculated to college over the last five years. 

A private school education at the middle school level can pay off in building a stronger foundation, leading to better high school performance and stronger college acceptances.

In addition to the academic advantage, there are social factors to consider as well. The middle school years are when students are finding their social footing and experience hormonal changes. It is important that you find the school that best fits your child's needs both socially and academically. Visit us to see if R-MA Middle School might be right for you and your family.