Falcon Scholars Tuition & Fees

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"What I have benefited the most from since registration is the number of people I have to count on, stand with, and even lead.  The value of friendship in a work-based environment never crossed my mind before coming here.  I have never had such a large group of people I can depend on, or be there for, and it has really made an impact on me. I am convinced that I will at least stay in touch with most of them for a very long time."  

Cadet Sean Freeman, R-MA Falcon Scholar '17, USAFA '21

2020-21 Tuition and Fees for Falcon Scholars

The tuition and fees for Falcon Scholars at Randolph-Macon Academy.

Expense Account Deposit: The deposit is applied toward the cost of books, uniforms, blankets, laundry and dry-cleaning, weekend activities, bookstore purchases, and any other required items or fees. Once the deposit is depleted, additional funds will need to be added to cover any additional expenses. This amount can vary greatly from student to student.  

All required items are available in the R-MA Bookstore or the R-MA Clothing Store. The Parents’ Association also sells used uniforms each registration at a reduced rate. Most students will incur additional expenses throughout the year, so additional deposits may be required. 

"Since I've been here at R-MA, I've grown to not only become a better student but a better leader. With all of the opportunities R-MA gives the Falcons within the corps and outside, helping with sports, I have been able to take big strides towards becoming a great leader, making me even more prepared for USAFA. I'm stronger, faster, smarter, and more confident in my ability to lead all because of R-MA and everything it has to offer."

Cadet Giovani Pomales, R-MA Falcon Scholar '17, USAFA '21