Preparing for College Through AFJROTC

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Preparing students for college through AFJROTC at Randolph-Macon Academy. A private boarding and day school located in Front Royal, Virginia.

The Air Force Junior ROTC curriculum carries many practical components:

  • We ensure cadets are prepared for life on their own and are ready to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens. 
  • New cadets learn basic study skills and techniques for time management to help prepare for a quality education at R-MA and beyond. 
  • Classes discuss values and ethics and the importance of personal health and fitness.

 Upperclass cadets complete the Leadership Education 300: Life Skills and Career Opportunities course in their junior year. 

The Leadership Education 300: Life Skills and Career Opportunities course is designed to help students preparing for college.  Students will start by learning about the process for selecting a college, the methods of college entrance testing to include DSST and CLEP test opportunities, and the college application process.  Students also learn about:

  • How majors relate to personal interests and desires
  • Different areas of college study
  • Different careers associated with specific majors
  • Steps in selecting a major
  • The importance of time management
  • The dimensions of college schedules

In addition to scheduled course work, students participate in several labs specializing in tasks necessary for applying to their selected colleges.  During these labs, students:

  • Complete a learning style inventory, personality profile, career profile and "game plan"
  • Begin loading colleges that interest them in Naviance
  • Learn how to calculate their overall GPA
  • Prepare a college resume, personal statement, and college essay
  • Learn about Military Academies and ROTC opportunities
  • Learn how to use various websites in researching college information to include application deadlines, costs, and scholarship opportunities. 

Students finish up by creating a portfolio of all lab tasks completed.  This portfolio is given to the college counselor for review and returned to students for use during their senior year in finalizing their college application process.  

The course objectives are to know the following:

  1. Know the process for selecting a college
  2. Know the methods of college entrance testing
  3. Comprehend the college application process
  4. Know personal interests and desires
  5. Know different areas of college study
  6. Know different careers associated with specific majors
  7. Comprehend steps in the decision-making process for selecting a major
  8. Know the importance of time management
  9. Know the dimensions of college schedules

Cadets continue working on college preparation through their senior year with R-MA's college counselor.