3 Ways Alumni Can Support Student Life at R-MA

With principles in place to help students succeed as honorable leaders, Randolph-Macon Academy is ranked as one of the top private schools in Virginia. With a 100% college and university acceptance rate for graduates, it is clear that R-MA’s commitment to excellence is unmatched.

We foster this high quality student life through various programs at the Academy. For example, we pair a superior university-preparatory curriculum with an elite Air Force Junior ROTC program to prepare graduates to pursue lives of meaning and success. With our dedicated faculty encouraging students to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zones, students are given the support they need to succeed. Discover the different ways alumni can further promote this high quality student life at R-MA. 

Upholding the R-MA Honor Code Gives Students a Sense of Community and Responsibility

R-MA is designed to instill values of accountability, teamwork, character, structure, and grit in each and every student. On top of these qualities, students earn the trust and respect of each other as well as the faculty and staff at R-MA as they navigate through their education and extracurriculars. With support from alumni, parents, and friends, our school is successful in fostering these qualities in students. Our innovative teaching approaches help students respect our Honor Code and understand its importance.

All academic programs at R-MA challenge students to think individually and critically, giving them the opportunity to build on their strengths and contribute to their academics in a supportive environment. Our Honor Code sets the standard for the student body, presenting any lying, cheating, or stealing as unacceptable in the R-MA community. This collaborative effort and commitment to the Honor Code by all students creates a sense of responsibility that helps students thrive, even as graduates. 

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Students find a sense of community and responsibility as they uphold the Honor Code alongside their peers

Extensive Extracurricular Activities Allow Students to Build Relationships Outside of the Classroom

Students enrolled in both our Middle and Upper School programs are presented with the opportunity to join a number of clubs based on their unique interests and skill sets. Students are even encouraged to start their own clubs if they have an idea that hasn’t yet been pursued at R-MA. Some of our current club options include popular areas of interest such as math, student council, drama, languages, yearbook, faith, and leadership. 

When donors support R-MA, we are able to provide extensive opportunities in different faculties and departments of our academy further to support the students in chasing their passions. This gives them a platform to lead, collaborate, and make lasting connections with their peers. An engaged student body sets the stage for maximal growth of each student’s valuable life skills, helping them reach success beyond graduation.

Unique Leadership Opportunities Promote a Unified Student Body

Building leadership skills at our private academy sets students up to become impactful leaders in their future endeavors, making a difference in their communities. All Upper School students participate in Air Force Junior ROTC, a unique program for students at the high school level to pursue aerospace classes.

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When you support R-MA, you allow us to continue to provide impactful leadership opportunities for our students

In addition to these classes, many leadership roles are available within the program. These include leaders for classes and elements, the drill team, and the color guard. These options allow students to be in charge of taking a role, to communicate with their peers, and to perform at the best of their abilities. Taking ownership of their positions and building their character leads to increased confidence and a rewarding feeling of accomplishment, creating the leaders that R-MA is so proud of.

 This energy found at R-MA creates a tight knit student body that our alumni can applaud, and certainly want to see for the next generation of students. Our academy, in partnership with our donors, is dedicated to building a community that insists on helping each individual succeed.

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