Middle School Academic Summer Camp Courses

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July 2-July 28, 2017

A wide variety of enrichment courses await you at R-MA's Summer Academic Camp in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Explore the galaxy, master technology, broaden your reading base...it's a summer you'll never forget!

R-MA's Middle School summer camp includes field trips, fun activities, and some education.

Enrichment Courses

2017 Enrichment Theme: Space Rogues 
This year’s theme centers around space exploration for the sessions of Science Explorer, Reading & Writing, and History in Action. Space enthusiasts may choose all three STEM-themed sessions or mix and match with other offered enrichment topics or skills classes.

Science Explorer*: 
The stars are your inspiration as you study all sciences relating to space exploration, from experimenting with the physics of flight to understanding the effects of space travel on your body. From Newton’s Laws to designing space stations, from nanotechnology to navigation, this camp will bring you as close to space as you can get without the spaceship! This course is our most popular; apply early to reserve your space! 

Reading & Writing: 
Let your imagination head to another world or even another galaxy this summer! This year’s theme focuses on science fiction and planetary exploration. This session is for both the Star Wars fan and the budding astronaut!

History in Action: 
This course will be a hands-on discovery of how the United States began its aviation programs and the dream of space exploration and travel. From the Wright Brothers to NASA, students will relive the lives of great aviators and space explorers.
*Note: There are four periods each day. The Science Explorer runs for two periods; students taking this session can only choose two additional topics for the summer.

Other Enrichment Courses Available

Digital Media: 
This course introduces web-based programs and applications. Learn the basics of digital art, photography, presentation and computer-aided design, and explore careers in the digital field. 

Music Technology: 
Learn how to play piano using R-MA’s MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) lab. Each work station features a full 88-key keyboard with weighted keys and alternate instrumentation. Compose, play, and record your own music!


Summer camp means great friendships!

Skills Classes

Basic Math 
Focus on basic operations and word problems with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Small class instruction helps you master the fundamentals of middle school-level math.

If you have mastered the foundations of computational mathematics, this is for you. Learn about equations, the use of rational numbers, inequalities, and functions. You will also connect algebraic functions to geometry.

Study Skills 
Want to improve your grades and test scores? This course can help! Discover the methodology of proper study habits, what works and what does not. You will practice organizational, note-taking, and reading skills. To enhance middle-level learning, proper research and writing skills are also practiced.

Important Notes

  • All courses are for enrichment only. This is an academic camp, not a summer school program. Students cannot take these courses to make up for courses failed during the normal academic year.
  • There are four periods each day. The Science Explorer runs for two periods; students taking this session may only choose two additional topics for the summer.